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Take a look at the article and you will see the following:

“The meeting is open to Members of La Resistance and the credentialed press are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.”

Let me see if I have this correct. No one can attend other than La Resistance and credentialed press.

Sounds like a closed meeting to me.

Funny thing is, La Resistance accuses the Tea Party of having closed, secret meetings.

Once again, the pot is calling the kettle black.

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Letter to the Editor…

Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

The only thing necessary for the triumph of Democratic Policy next term is for Republicans (and Tea Party Patriots) to do exactly what they are doing:  NOTHING.

Please allow me to ask a few questions.  Whether or not you want Democratic Policy to succeed in Rowan County will be self-evident in your answers.

1.  Will you enjoy paying higher taxes?
2.  Do you enjoy watching the Board of Education frivolously spending your tax money on things that will not improve education in our county?
3.  It is acceptable to you for leaders on the Board of Education to make “questionable” deals with their friends at your expense?
4.  Are you okay with the Board of Education spending $6 million dollars of your tax money to build a new building instead of spending $3 million dollars renovating a building the county already owns?
5.  Does giving up more of your freedom seem appealing to you?
6.  Are you willing to sit back for four years while a Democratic-controlled Board of Education racks up debt for YOU to pay?

If you answered “yes” to more than four of these questions, you are clearly a Democrat.  If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then you need to get up off of your…well…you know…”chair” and DO something.  It you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve been getting.  

What You Can Do…

First, make your voice heard!  Write a letter to the editor.  It can be simple and short.  You can simply tell readers that you don’t want your taxes to go up and why.  Tell them that you do not want more wasteful spending.  Tell them what’s on your mind.  You don’t have to be an English major to write a letter to the editor.  Just write something!  Tell people what you want them to hear.  (Note:  You can email your letters to  Remember, they are limited to 200 words.  You must also include your name and address.)

Second, don’t fear the Democrats.  At least up until now, it is against the law for them to drag you and out beat you for voicing your opinion.  But, remain silent long enough and that too will change.

Third, get informed.  Come to the meetings.  Listen to what’s going on.  Learn what the options are.  Then, tell people what YOU think.  It’s YOUR county.  It’s YOUR schools.  It’s YOUR elected officials.  Tell them what’s on YOUR mind.

Randy Klocke
220 Linn Avenue
China Grove, NC 28023

“This seems like a particularly troubling trend for academia, where digital books are slowly overtaking the heavy tomes I used to lug around. On many levels, e-books seem like better alternatives to textbooks — they can be easily updated and many formats allow readers to interact with the material more, with quizzes, video, audio and other multimedia to reinforce lessons. But some studies suggest that there may be significant advantages in printed books if your goal is to remember what you read long-term.

Kate Garland, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Leicester in England, is one of the few scientists who has studied this question and reviewed the data. She found that when the exact same material is presented in both media, there is no measurable difference in student performance.

However, there are some subtle distinctions that favor print, which may matter in the long run. In one study involving psychology students, the medium did seem to matter. “We bombarded poor psychology students with economics that they didn’t know,” she says. Two differences emerged. First, more repetition was required with computer reading to impart the same information.

Second, the book readers seemed to digest the material more fully. Garland explains that when you recall something, you either “know” it and it just “comes to you” — without necessarily consciously recalling the context in which you learned it — or you “remember” it by cuing yourself about that context and then arriving at the answer. “Knowing” is better because you can recall the important facts faster and seemingly effortlessly.

“What we found was that people on paper started to ‘know’ the material more quickly over the passage of time,” says Garland. “It took longer and [required] more repeated testing to get into that knowing state [with the computer reading, but] eventually the people who did it on the computer caught up with the people who [were reading] on paper.”

Context and landmarks may actually be important to going from “remembering” to “knowing.” The more associations a particular memory can trigger, the more easily it tends to be recalled. Consequently, seemingly irrelevant factors like remembering whether you read something at the top or the bottom of page — or whether it was on the right or left hand side of a two-page spread or near a graphic — can help cement material in mind.

This seems irrelevant at first, but spatial context may be particularly important because evolution may have shaped the mind to easily recall location cues so we can find our way around. That’s why great memorizers since antiquity have used a trick called the “method of loci” to associate facts they want to remember with places in spaces they already know, like rooms in their childhood home. They then visualize themselves wandering sequentially through the rooms, recalling the items as they go.

As neuroscientist Mark Changizi put it in a blog post:

In nature, information comes with a physical address (and often a temporal one), and one can navigate to and from the address. Those raspberry patches we found last year are over the hill and through the woods — and they are still over the hill and through the woods.

And up until the rise of the web, the mechanisms for information storage were largely spatial and could be navigated, thereby tapping into our innate navigation capabilities. Our libraries and books — the real ones, not today’s electronic variety — were supremely navigable.”

Reply to Will McCubbins

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Charles Hughes

 Mr. McCubbins makes some excellent points in his Letter to the Editor, such as Rowan County’s high rate of poverty being a major factor in holding back many of its students; Apple may well be the instigator pushing iPads and Air Laptops; the school system may be throwing away millions of dollars. He lists even more arguments against the ipad/laptop proposal, however, other than the poverty issue, they are all just as unproven as is the argument that ipads and laptops will be the golden egg that fills our education gap.


The only absolutes on either side of this argument are: The school system cannot resolve the impoverishment equation; money cannot buy effective teachers; schools cannot instill lasting values if the parent or parents do not support the effort during the 133 hours a week their wards are not in school. The last and the most important absolute is that if we don’t try something different nothing will improve.                                           


I had reservations on the wisdom of voting for this project. I was very concerned about iPads being sent home with young children, preferring to limit K-7 use to the classroom.  I raised my eyebrows at the need to provide computers for teachers to use outside the classroom. I winced at a $10.5 million dollar, three year “experiment”, especially if it didn’t obtain the results we hoped for. However, after being assured that no “new money” was at risk, I decided to vote for the project as a whole rather than to piecemeal it. Besides, the Wright brothers invested a lot in what many considered to be a ridiculous idea at the time. How did that work out?


I do not know how others view this enterprise, but I see it as a three-year experiment, an expensive one for sure, yet one that can be terminated if the flying machine doesn’t get off the ground.

by Rowan Free Press

Will McCubbins, Granite Quarry

♦ This latest hard sell campaign by the school system comes as no small surprise for readers who witnessed the Salisbury Post’s various over-the-top shilling for the school system and the City. You know the failed 329 S. Main Taj Mahal campaign and the Fibrant Fiasco that left the Salisbury toasted. In Monday’s Post Mr. Todd Stiller’s “My Turn” about new school system’s digital initiative did nothing to advance the cause. He presented a case based on “name dropping”, “bandwagon effect”, and a lack of any factual information.

The first of his many errors was to compare a fairly wealthy bedroom community (Mooresville) possessing upscale demographics with Salisbury and its immense 28% poverty and large numbers of illiterate kids from broken single parent homes. The demographics are completely different between Mooresville and destitute Salisbury, already hailed across the United States as the 5th ranked city with soaring 28% poverty. The census said loud and clear that 28% here struggle with poverty. The county, surrounding Salisbury, while nowhere as poor and as academically backward as its county seat, is not the equal to prosperous Mooresville, N.C. That’s where many better-off Salisbury residents are now living.

Stiller starts his attack on Karen C. Lilly-Bowyer, by writing “The letter from Karen C. Lilly-Bowyer in the Post on May 18 started with a paragraph that is factually false. Logically, the suppositions that follow it are too.” Then goes on to claim: “The 1:1 Technology Plan is without a doubt, a proven strategy for improving student learning, comprehension and test scores. Here are the facts…Every school within the Mooresville Graded School System has been recognized by the state as a School of Distinction. Every single one.”

Ok–Stiller claims the 1:1 Technology Plan is without a doubt, a proven strategy for improving student learning, comprehension, and test scores. Yet he offers ZERO proof it would work with Rowan-Salisbury’s “school lunch kids”–those really poor kids from broken homes–the kids really needing help with literacy. There’s lots of kids in the school system that bring composite scores way down especially in Salisbury. Mooresville doesn’t have much in the way of deficient students who are troubled by the inability to read and write. Rowan-Salisbury schools, especially in Salisbury, has human waves of school lunchers.

Stiller boasts: “They (Mooresville) are one of only six out of a total of 115 school districts in the entire state of North Carolina to achieve 54 out of 54 District AYP Goals…Their composite score on all North Carolina EOC and EOG tests has them tied for fourth highest in the state. All indications are that they will soon be number one. They must be doing something right.”

Stiller’s claim that “All indications are that they will soon be number one” is nothing more than conjecture. And then he tries to impress us by using the “bandwagon effect” on the reader: “Not only are visitors coming from all over North Carolina to see how the program is done, they are coming from all over the United States. These visitors include school district personnel from the North Carolina counties of Alexander, Burke, Moore, Randolph, Wake and Watauga; and from the states of Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin; and even from as far away as Canada. This is an abbreviated list. Mooresville Graded School District is so busy now with visitor requests to see their successful program that they have to manage it with a waiting list.”

By chance are Apple sales reps steering all these “visitors” to Mooresville to sell them on buying into this extremely expensive program? Just asking.

Now immediately after wowing us with “bandwagon effect” Stiller employs “name dropping” to shill the digital initiative. He writes: “The district’s success has been written about by Apple, Cisco, PBS, Educational Leadership Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Rowan is exceptionally fortunate to have this resource right in our own backyard.”

Good Grief it sounds like they are selling Fibrant to the “unenlightened” again. Moody’s informed us where that went.

Then Stiller maintains: “As far as per pupil spending goes, the Mooresville Graded School District is 101 out of 115 in the state. They spent less than 100 other school districts in the entire state. It is exceedingly obvious that the Mooresville Graded School District is getting top ranked student performance for less money than 87 percent of all school districts in the state.”

So what? The huge deficiencies in Rowan Salisbury Schools have nothing to do with money flowing into the schools (especially into the top heavy administration). It’s got everything to do with our abundance of “school lunch children”. Those are the children in need of being helped to overcome illiteracy. Mooresville, being a wealthy bedroom community, doesn’t have the kinds of academic problems Rowan-Salisbury Schools are being drowned by.

Stiller writes: “Dr. Lynn Moody’s presentation states clearly that no new money is required. The money is already in the budget.”

I hate to be dismissive, but it’s still taxpayer money that will likely be frivolously wasted on a yet unproven to work with disadvantaged children struggling with literacy. A wealthy bed room community like Mooresville isn’t like poverty ridden Salisbury or the rest of the county.

Stiller goes way off the deep end with this conjecture as to why Mrs. Lilly-Bowyer opposes the school system’s digital initiative: “Mrs. Lilly-Bowyer cites “numerous articles from educational journals” with just one that “suggests that teachers should be trained in digital instruction for at least one year before the program begins.” It sounds suspiciously like she has been listening to complaints from some not yet retired teacher peers who have a fear of learning anything new.”


Then Stiller ramps up his shilling for the program just like we heard repeatedly for the Taj Mahal at 329 S. Main and the Fibrant Fiasco: “This is in direct opposition to the world our children are growing up in. Like it or not, the computer age is here to stay. Even today’s ditch diggers use digital devices to determine where, what length and what depth to dig the ditch…The fact that Rowan’s test scores are significantly below the state average is the very reason that we need this program now. RIGHT NOW. Coddling personnel that are unwilling to embrace positive change is an especially weak argument for putting off one more moment implementing this program that is crucial for the benefit of all of Rowan County’s children and the community we all live in…Instead of sitting on the sidelines criticizing and making dubious comparisons, lend your talents as an educator to make this important initiative happen for all of Rowan County.”

For the Kids? Or to line somebody’s pockets Salisbury style? Hey how about all those iPads that got former Superintendent Grissom her BIG Apple award in Houston at great taxpayer expense? Are all those iPads still sitting around in Rowan-Salisbury School Warehouses? Just asking.

The bigger question is can such a computer initiative help the kids who really need help–the school lunch kids with literacy obstacles. That question hasn’t been answered.

Here’s a little reminder from a university study:

“Home computer use was related to superior achievement for students enrolled in advanced courses but was not a significant factor for students who were not.”

A study entitled: “Technology and Quality of Education: Does Technology Help Low-income and Minority Students in Their Academic Achievements:

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Letter to the editor

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It seems to me that when spending tax-payer money, the prudent politician would be as frugal as possible.  Perhaps public opinion of politicians would increase.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case in Rowan County, North Carolina.  

I understand several people on the Board of Education have convinced a large portion of the public that spending millions of dollars on a new building is somehow more prudent than saving millions of dollars renovating the old Belks building at the West End Plaza.  

I would like for someone in that crowd to explain to me (and the other tax-payers in Rowan County) why they are so bent on building a new building with 20,000 less square feet than the alternative.  Perhaps the backroom deals they made with developers in a “land swap” has something to do with it.  Or perhaps padding the pockets of their friends with tax-payer money has something to do with it.  

Or, maybe it’s the dome?  Certainly the average tax-payer would have to agree that by putting a dome on the administrative building students would instantly grow smarter.  I am certain of this:  when they graduate from school and start paying taxes themselves, they’ll get smarter in a hurry!  When they see how the Board of Education squandered their hard-earned money on a dome, they’ll get an education in politics.

Prudence.  Perhaps each member of the Board of Education should be required to write a simple one-page essay entitled “What prudence means to me.”  I for one would be very interested in reading what this esteemed group writes.

Randal J Klocke
220 Linn Avenue
China Grove, NC 28023

Let me take this opportunity to respond to the many phone calls I’ve received regarding last night’s BOE meeting where the board approved the second reading of chapter VI, section 6-8 of the Board of Education’s policy, Extracurricular Activities.

As you will see in the attachment to this email, the vote was clearly not overtly directed at supporting gay/lesbian clubs. My understanding was that the intent was to update and bring this section of the policy into compliance with Federal law. It seems that the initial changes in the policy had consequences, however, unintended for some, perhaps intentional in the view of others.

After discussion with other board members, I learned that at a January meeting (one I missed due to illness) that an attorney  approached the board threatening legal action if sections 6-8 of chapter VI of our policy were not amended to include “all groups. I was then told that a vote to table the issue for a future date was carried.” Other than what seemed to be an appropriate policy change for clarity, I am not aware that there had been any further discussion with the “entire” board since the January meeting.

My personal views are that any sexually oriented club is inappropriate for our students. They have enough time after graduation to expand these horizons. I also believe that no student should be chastised for his or her life decisions as long as they are not disruptive or impinge upon the rights of others. However, I am sure that I will be chastised by those who will insist that a gay-straight club doesn’t not have sexual connotations. Just the need to have such a gathering says otherwise.

It seems that societal values have been twisted by corruption at all levels of government. This should not be surprising since the rise of political correctness invoked by many of the “do what feels good” hippies from the 60s who either run the government or have influence on those that do.

Chuck Hughes

Our flag . . . So many are willing to salute it; so few are willing to carry it!

ImageJeanie Groh,  from the Salisbury Post reports, The Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education, during their meeting Monday, quietly approved changes to Policy 6-8, that allows sexually-oriented clubs to operate in Rowan-Salisbury Schools”.  

This revision would allow for Gay, Lesbian and transgender clubs in our public schools.  In addition, this years award ceremony at Salisbury High School will allow PFLAG to present a scholarship to an openly homosexual student.  Dr Moody has been contacted and she would not take a stand against this award being presented.  You can read the Salisbury post article at the following link.

I do find it interesting that the article was posted at 1:05 a.m. in the morning on the same day the school board voted.  However, Ms Groh had plenty of interviews ready to publish immediately after the school boards vote on the issue.  Could it be, Ms Groh had some inside knowledge and arranged for interviews in advance?

“It was an outdated policy,” said Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody. “We’re just trying to get more aligned with current laws.”  

Dear Doctor Moody, under what criteria do you judge if this is an outdated policy?   Did you ask for a referendum to be placed on the county ballot for such a measure?  did you take a poll of the community?   Or did you bow to the pressure from PFLAG and Salisbury Pride?   Dr, Moody, you are no longer considered a BRIGHT LIGHT of hope in Rowan County.  

I find it ironic that la Resistance demands a PUBLIC FORUM and a Voice AT THE TABLE any time the county commissioners meet.  However, something as large as this and there is not a whimper.

The Salisbury Post article went on to say,“So, Culp, Johnsen, Clawson and a lawyer met with a school board subcommittee to explain what Gay-Straight Alliance clubs are and how they benefit Rowan-Salisbury schools.”

Who is on this sub-committee?  What is the name of the sub-committee?

At this time of this writing the minutes from the school board meeting have not been posted.

Do you ever wonder why the school board meetings are never recorded and placed online?  

Maybe now you know.


Porn in Common Core

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Controversy and Porn Pervade
Common Core Curriculum

shocked-teenCommon Core standards are influencing what teachers teach in elementary reading and high school English literature classes. Although proponents claim that there is no drive for a standardized Common Core curriculum, curriculum developers offer thousands of “Common Core aligned” books and teaching aids. Many school districts are using materials suggested in Appendix B of the Common Core standards. When schools rely on Common Core (CC) Appendix B to develop literature courses for high schools, students will read books that some consider pornographic. When districts use curriculum that is “Common Core aligned,” students are encountering a variety of politically charged books to which some parents may object.

Schools Use CC Text Exemplars

The National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers are private lobbying organizations that own the copyright on the Common Core “state” standards, which have been adopted by all but a few states. Appendix B of the standards consists of suggested books, portions of books, poems, and informational texts that serve as “text exemplars” developed by the writers of the standards to help states choose texts.


Controversy and Porn Pervade Common Core Curriculum

Too funny to pass up

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Rowan TEA Party Patriots

John Bare 
   – Tea Party Chairman
Will McCubbins 
   – Tea Party Treasurer


Your attendance at Monday’s commissioner meeting is greatly needed.  

The commissioners will be discussing the financing of the West End Plaza.

Unfortunately, the la Resistance gang is going to pack the facilities.    In the past, members of this group to include Judy Klusman, have tried to disrupt the proceedings.   On one occasion Sheriff Auten was a breath away from hauling them out of the chambers.

We MUST show our support for the commissioners.  

It is sad to say but I will say it, the Tea Party let the commissioners down in the primary elections.  We asked repeatedly for volunteers to turn out to help at the polls.  Less than a dozen volunteered out of a mail list of…

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Anyone Else Remember ?

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Anyone else remember when the county commissioners offered the school board a half a dozen sites to build their Taj Mahal?

The spit in their eye and told the commissioners to kiss their “MAIN STREET.”

Someone should start asking why?

Why would the school board want to build on a South Main Street toxic waste dump?

Why would they want to build on a ill advised site on North Main Street.

The NM site has no parking but,  Daddy Warbucks has offered to swap a tiny piece of land behind the site for 20 prime acres next to a gold course.  Does that sound like a fair trade to you?

Remember, whenever things smell fishy, follow the stench and follow the money.


Building ANYWHERE except the West End Plaza would be financially irresponsible.

SAVE $5,000,000+ and move them into the WEP!!!




You got to Replace the Rotten Ones

Replace 4 in November

You can view the following web site to learn more about our teachers pay schedules.

Click to access 2012-13schedules.pdf

Remember, the county commissioners give ADDITIONAL bonus money.  Unfortunately, the distribution of the bonus money is left up to the school board.  Why not call the school board members and ask them how they divided up the money?   Ask why classroom teachers got a small piece of the pie and the administration got fat on a HUGE piece of the pie.   

These are questions YOU, the tax payer, needs to ask.



New School Board Members

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Remember, two of the three newest school board members are working FOR you.

Josh Wagner and Chuck Hughes are NOT going to raise your taxes.

We need Captain Obvious to ask the following question.

Which school board member is willing to waste $5,000,000 by building their own School Board Taj Mahal?

Couldn’t the $5,000,000+ better be spent repairing the dilapidated facilities our children are subject to on a daily basis?

The school board MUST have the courage to DEMAND they be moved into the Belk’s Building.  This would give the school administration more than enough room.  Dr. Moody said she needed 48,000 square feet.  The Belk’s building could easily give 60,000 square feet.  There would be more than enough space and it would be at a substantially reduced price.  

Don’t for a moment try to say the Mall is “dilapidated” and falling down.  The engineer’s report proves you wrong.   Even if you pay $1,000,000 for a new roof, you can turn the Belk’s building into the showplace of North Carolina for school administration.

The old argument was, “You must hate the inner city of Salisbury if you do not build on main street.”  


If you allow the school board to build their self aggrandizing edifice, you will face a tax raise and it will NOT be Jim Sides fault.

Therefore, STOP THE SCHOOL BOARD TAX by voting in 4 new school board members in November.





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