Salisbury Schools Approve Perversion, Parents Should Go Galt

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

ImageJeanie Groh,  from the Salisbury Post reports, The Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education, during their meeting Monday, quietly approved changes to Policy 6-8, that allows sexually-oriented clubs to operate in Rowan-Salisbury Schools”.  

This revision would allow for Gay, Lesbian and transgender clubs in our public schools.  In addition, this years award ceremony at Salisbury High School will allow PFLAG to present a scholarship to an openly homosexual student.  Dr Moody has been contacted and she would not take a stand against this award being presented.  You can read the Salisbury post article at the following link.

I do find it interesting that the article was posted at 1:05 a.m. in the morning on the same day the school board voted.  However, Ms Groh had plenty of interviews ready to publish immediately after the school boards vote on the issue.  Could it be, Ms Groh had some inside knowledge and arranged for interviews in advance?

“It was an outdated policy,” said Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody. “We’re just trying to get more aligned with current laws.”  

Dear Doctor Moody, under what criteria do you judge if this is an outdated policy?   Did you ask for a referendum to be placed on the county ballot for such a measure?  did you take a poll of the community?   Or did you bow to the pressure from PFLAG and Salisbury Pride?   Dr, Moody, you are no longer considered a BRIGHT LIGHT of hope in Rowan County.  

I find it ironic that la Resistance demands a PUBLIC FORUM and a Voice AT THE TABLE any time the county commissioners meet.  However, something as large as this and there is not a whimper.

The Salisbury Post article went on to say,“So, Culp, Johnsen, Clawson and a lawyer met with a school board subcommittee to explain what Gay-Straight Alliance clubs are and how they benefit Rowan-Salisbury schools.”

Who is on this sub-committee?  What is the name of the sub-committee?

At this time of this writing the minutes from the school board meeting have not been posted.

Do you ever wonder why the school board meetings are never recorded and placed online?  

Maybe now you know.


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