Response from Chuck Hughs Concerning Sexually Oriented Clubs in rowan Schools

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Let me take this opportunity to respond to the many phone calls I’ve received regarding last night’s BOE meeting where the board approved the second reading of chapter VI, section 6-8 of the Board of Education’s policy, Extracurricular Activities.

As you will see in the attachment to this email, the vote was clearly not overtly directed at supporting gay/lesbian clubs. My understanding was that the intent was to update and bring this section of the policy into compliance with Federal law. It seems that the initial changes in the policy had consequences, however, unintended for some, perhaps intentional in the view of others.

After discussion with other board members, I learned that at a January meeting (one I missed due to illness) that an attorney  approached the board threatening legal action if sections 6-8 of chapter VI of our policy were not amended to include “all groups. I was then told that a vote to table the issue for a future date was carried.” Other than what seemed to be an appropriate policy change for clarity, I am not aware that there had been any further discussion with the “entire” board since the January meeting.

My personal views are that any sexually oriented club is inappropriate for our students. They have enough time after graduation to expand these horizons. I also believe that no student should be chastised for his or her life decisions as long as they are not disruptive or impinge upon the rights of others. However, I am sure that I will be chastised by those who will insist that a gay-straight club doesn’t not have sexual connotations. Just the need to have such a gathering says otherwise.

It seems that societal values have been twisted by corruption at all levels of government. This should not be surprising since the rise of political correctness invoked by many of the “do what feels good” hippies from the 60s who either run the government or have influence on those that do.

Chuck Hughes

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